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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Here's the thing.

I am pretty average in every sense - 
and that may mean no one will ever want to date me...

Even so.
I will - 
  go on a "date" with a serial dater
(unless it's an all-paid-for date - well, because who says no to freebies, come on!)

because only people who actually know what they want 
 deserve an affair as romantic as a "date" 

Image result for serial dater wireshark

no one should spend their time and energy 
to help anyone figure out what they want

there are more important goals
than spending time and energy on people who do not know what they want

I should stop at just #3 because:

although I should add that if what they want involves getting naked at some point (it's a legit need)
know that what you want, need, and deserve is beyond just that (like, I need good legit food)

and just in case you're wondering what to look out for-

nope, serial dater's not on the list. 
He's Asian by the way.

Oh, and I know just the character who's the perfect candidate for a serial-dater!
Lo... and behold...

Gaston: *rudely flipping through Belle's book* "How can you read this?"
[negging alert - not to be confused with "nagging" which some good men do]

Gaston: "Say you'll marry me!"
Gaston: "No one says 'no' to Gaston!"
[some kino thingy]

Gaston: Pretty pretty me. (Okay, I made that up)
[some peacock-ing up thingy]

Mulan Boy > Beast > Serial Dater (bottom of food chain like em puny green eeeeky yucky mucky algae)

I rest my case.

And to all Daddies, 
Please tell your sons that you did not find and marry their mother by being a serial dater. 
And no - it's not squirmy and embarrassing that you may or may not have waited for days outside their mother's door to just say hi.