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Monday, December 23, 2013

It's all a social construct reinforced by religion and philosophies. What if it was decided that it's the hands which should be covered instead?

It's a form of indoctrination. Because honestly, I don't remember feeling embarrassed naked, when I was a baby. When was the first time people made you feel bad about going around naked? It' all a social construct.

We are taught to see things the way we see them now. Men are taught to look at women the way they do now. If men feel like they cannot concentrate seeing women in skirts or hotpants, that is because they're taught by the society to look at women as sex objects.

If men are taught to respect women and to look at women as humans, they will not look at women the way they do now.

The world around us don't depict men as sexual objects, so when I see naked men I don't imagine myself doing them. Naked or clothed, it make no difference to me.

So the society should stop depicting women as sex objects. It does not have to be direct, although ads and pornography do abuse women's sexuality directly. It can be in a very covert form, and it's these covert abuse that are most detrimental because it reinforces those explicit abuse. One example is the banning of short skirts. This ban presupposes:

1. That women are and will be seen as sex objects, unless they're clothed in a way that hides their sexuality.
2. That men are rampant, horny, perverts that lack control.

The message sent out to women are: 
"Well, women, face i, you are sex objects. And men are a rampant, perverted, horny bunch. You better cover up, or be sorry."
Which is why I can't help but to get angry sometimes at these. I should be able to dress however I want. If it's hot, I'll put tank top and shorts on. It doesn't mean that I want to be seen in a particular way. 

I don't dress for men, I dress what I feel comfortable in.