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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I dreamed an odd dream last night. 

Well, it was near morning. Perhaps, why I remember it so clearly, except for the last bit - the most important bit I would think.

The dream unfolded this way.

I arrived half an our late to a one-hour "Advanced Maths" class-test. I wasn't in the best of moods... I hated Maths, even in my dreams. I saw an empty seat next to one of the smartest girls in class, Z, quickly sat down, and began reading the questions. As I did this, she peeped at me.

When she saw that I was done reading, but before I managed to write anything, she hushed: "Do you know the answer to this? Quick! Do it and tell me now". I ignored her. Displeased, she continued to pester me. Her hush became louder by the second, and it became apparent to me that all I have left was a pathetic 15 minutes to finish.

Angered and annoyed, I stood up, pointed my finger at her, and yelled: "YOU NEED TO KEEP QUIET! I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWERS!!!" Everyone turned their heads to see. She stared at me, shocked - before bursting into a puddle of tears. I packed all my things, and moved to sit at an empty seat in front of B.

As I sat, B, who happened to be one of my best friends, one that I look up to, that I trust wholeheartedly exclaimed loudly "PEOPLE LIKE YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY FRIENDS!" Being the popular girl that she is, everyone in the class agreed. They looked at me and murmured to each other: "She is so mean!" "Yeah... what a selfish girl..."

I was so disheartened by B's exclamation that I couldn't focus on my paper. I handed in an empty sheet. As we left for another class, although I badly wanted to know why she said what she said, my ego got in the way. I refused to look at her, even.

Later in the evening, she came to me, with tears in her eyes. She looked apologetic, her lips murmuring - but for odd reasons, I couldn't hear a thing. The harder I focused, the more things blurred out. And that's when...

I woke up.