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Monday, October 26, 2015

The other day during our Legal Aid Mid-Term review, I shared how privileged I felt to be serving my duty at the AWAM Centre because it's not everyday that I get to listen to stories of women from all walks of life. I said "I felt like I have lived the lives of many women" and joked how "I don't have to be married to know what could possibly go wrong in a marriage".

But more than imparting to these women legal knowledge (which in itself is a fulfilling experience), I enjoyed learning from them about love and life.

But the saying "ignorance is bliss" holds true too. If anything I felt like I have also turned more cynical than ever when it comes to men, relationship, and marriage.

This cynical part of me has sometimes kept me very detached and aloof. To a point where I sometimes question my ability to build any form of real connection and am taken aback by how quickly I can withdraw at the sign of a "potential" problem.

On a separate but somewhat related note - a couple of weeks ago, I dropped my phone in one of the trains (I was going to post about this but then I got distracted and somewhat snowed under by work and convocation). My friend who had helped trace my phone's location until its GPS was turned off somewhere near Putra was sure that it's gone. I couldn't help but agree. But deep down I held vehemently on to the belief it'll miraculously be found. I wailed "but I always make it a point to return lost and found things" to which he replied "you're in Kay Elle not some kampong".

And like some happy ending to a kid's tale - my phone was eventually found at the Masjid Jamek station. My friend went "So? Faith in humanity restored?".

What happened was necessary to remind me how hopeful I can be and still am in most things. And I am happier that way. To be genuinely surprised by life than to nitpick on disappointments and unmet expectations.

So I guess, while life, love and sometimes law are plagued with problems they rest on the very foundation of "hope in the good". And whatever I do I must not lose hope. Because who knows? I might just be pleasantly surprised by what life, love and the law have to offer.