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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I cannot begin to count the many nights I spent worrying... if I will actually get into university, if I will pass my exams, if I will graduate, if I will get a job - and up till last night, I was no less worried - if things will turn out as planned, if they will run smoothly…

And I remember how daunting it was, my first day at school. My first day at university. My first day at the firm. And today, is no less daunting. My first day as a member of the Bar.

And though I know it’ll only get tougher from this day on (the many more nights to spend worrying over emails I have not replied and bills to pay), I won’t be fighting this battle alone. A big thank you to all those who have been there, who have made it all worth it – who have made the ups a little sweeter and the downs a little more bearable. 

To those of you who took the time off your busy schedule to attend, I was pleasantly surprised (and very touched). 

Thank you all (including those who could not be present) for making this day all the more special and meaningful for me with your wishes and blessings!