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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When I first started working, I was more carefree, optimistic, and - smiley. 
Reason? I have less to worry about.

In a week, a year would have passed since I first started working (and for real, this time).
And while this one year has matured me in more ways than I can imagine (owing to the encounters I made), it has also turned me into a more somber and severe person (previously, I have only a severe face, and that was it) [like getting my first letter on Income Tax!]

It wasn't too long ago when I would wonder why some people are "so serious" all the time, and why some would never smile back. Well, I don't anymore now; because now, I know.

I know that some days can be so difficult-
that life can be so unfair-
and the world so unforgiving-
You want to throw both yours hands up and say "I give up!"
You want to scream "I have had enough!"
And you struggle to hold your tears back...

That smiling (which, takes, really just 17 muscles [says the Internet] and less than a few seconds) can feel like an impossible task.

But looking back, really, the upside (and I think everyone should know this) is that even if everything is falling apart, and nothing is going our way, there's one thing we all can do right, and that is to really not let things that take away that smile from our faces, take away the smile on the faces of those around us.

So a reminder to self, never to forget to throw a smile back at those who smile at me - and that "awkward" out of no where smile I throw at someone could really be the "one good thing" that has happened all day to someone.