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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Down the Memory Lane - Pt. 1


This was taken to show despite how much I have aged over the last decade, I look better than ever before thanks to camera filters.


This was taken to show that you can take candid shots yourself by simply encasing your phone with a flip cover. Don't bother getting a boyfriend for shots like these. It's not worth the tears. :p


This was taken when I was in Washington DC and looking like I made it in life. Ah, one day... I will. 


This was taken to show that height really is just a number... not.


This was taken when I was in Hong Kong, Disneyland - never really a big fan of theme parks, my childhood was a whole lot computer magazines and dissecting CPUs. I don't remember how to do all that anymore now, although - these days technological glitches don't faze me as much. 


This was taken when I was still skinny enough to look good in jeans - can't remember the last time I wore jeans - have put on so much weight since. And also - getting a little too old to wear dangerous killer heels like that


This was taken when I decided to print my cartoon for the first time ever on something I wear - I have also my cartoons printed on calendars and billboards.


This was taken after I decided to cut my hair short so I could spend more time on books and less on hair / obsessing about my looks. And every now and then, when I feel like chopping my hair off, I'll look back at this picture and tell myself "NO, Pauline YOU WILL REGRET IT - BADLY"


This was taken at a trip I had during my pre-university days. There can, as I always say, only be one lion  - or shall I say, lioness. :p