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Friday, November 28, 2014

What difference does virginity make?

If virginity is equivalent to or indicates purity - then it would follow that intercourse is, tarnishing? It is dirty? 

That is what we have always been made to feel, isn't it? Although, from a religious point of view - there is a distinction, i.e. intercourse within marriage is 'pure and holy'.

Still, within or outside marriage, it is of one and the same. It is essentially... intercourse.

I am not sure if I like men who can perceive intercourse as degrading and tarnishing - even for just a split second. I cannot live with the prospect that I can be tarnished and degraded. In fact, I think I am (very) repulsed by the idea of it.

To be brutally honest, deep down, I have this inkling feeling that that's how most men - or people in general perceive intercourse. Thanks to religion and pornography.

Am I the weird one out - am I being too much of an idealist? It's just that, that's not, and will never be how I ever want to look at intercourse, be it within or outside marriage.

So to me, virginity shouldn't matter. It should never be brought up. At all.