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Friday, December 19, 2014

So I hopped on the bandwagon, and downloaded Tinder. The only picture on my Tinder profile was this grumpy cartoon, and I left the "About You" section empty.

So what I did was, I flicked my thumb to the right to EVERY profile- with my eyes closed (couldn't bear to see what I am swiping  right to - like a mere crotch or other suggestive images).

The surprising (and actually very shocking) thing was that I actually got quite a massive number of matches. Like... who flicks right... to a grumpy cartoon picture and an empty "About You" section - but someone who, like me, gives a right flick to EVERY picture - without looking!

There is still one thing that I couldn't quite figure out though... why some even bothered to say "Hi" after? There is no reason for anyone to start a conversation with a cartoon-faced girl - save for the fact that I may or may not have consciously flicked my finger to the right.

The shitty part is of course when matches ask "so, why did you flick right?", or "you accidentally flicked right, didn't you?" and the many "HEY, ARE YOU GONNA TALK OR WHAT?!?"

It was a very anal thing to do - but I wanted to make a point - that when you do get a match on Tinder - he/she MAY OR MAY NOT be your "match made in heaven" - apart from and in addition to the obvious superficiality, of course.

While it may not be the best app to secure a long lasting relationship - it is pretty entertaining to say the least.

That being said, unless you did what I did - you're NOT "using Tinder for fun" or "checking Tinder out" (as much as you'd like to console yourself).

You are, in all seriousness, using Tinder to 'hook up' in which case, beware; or to find someone you can call your soul mate, which, I will in all honesty advise AGAINST.

p.s.: I do, solemnly apologize to all my matches - who may or may not have voluntarily participated in my mini social experiment on Tinder.