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Friday, May 29, 2015

When I was younger, at about 15, I dated this boy. He knew I was the school pianist - and said he wanted to hear me play something for him. So, I played him a piece from Chopin. Mid-way he stopped me and said "this song, that you play... it is not nice. Old-sounding. Boring. Play songs that my friends play... songs from Jay Chou..."

So for a while, I hated to guts classics like Chopin, Haydn, and Bach that I learned by heart, and have grown to love. And I swore to never play them "old-sounding, boring classics". I kept all my books away in a box. Instead, I played Mando-pop and English hits - that are more "current" and easier to relate to... but with less than impressive finger-works and techniques. Songs that I could easily play by ear.

Over the years, I saw how silly I was. There was nothing wrong with what I played, with what I loved (and still love) to play. There was nothing wrong with me. I just happened to be dating the wrong boy. A boy, who, like the many can relate to and enjoy good ol' Mando-pops and English Hits, but, like the many, couldn't appreciate the intricacies, or see the beauty of classics like Chopin, Haydn, and Bach.

Thankfully, I will not end up with "the many" who will tell me to be "less assertive", "think less", "aim for less", "take a chill pill", "be less analytical", "be subversive", "be coy", "be modest" etc... the many who will tell me to be "lesser" because they lack the ability to appreciate my intricacies, and see the beauty in what I believe in.

There was and is nothing wrong with me. I just haven't found the one (out of "the many") ... who's right for me.