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Sunday, July 12, 2015

I remember my friends and I started talking about marriage from as young as we were 9 or so. One friend said "let's all meet up when we're married and see whose husband is the richest, and the most handsome! And who among us is the prettiest!" and the rest cheered in agreement.

I didn't understand it then. 

I don't understand it now.

I think if I were to meet up with my friends 10 years down the road I'll probably say one of these two:

"My husband is not very rich. He is not very handsome. I am not very pretty. But we love each other very much still, probably more than the both of you do - and I couldn't ask for more"


"I am not very pretty. I am not married. But I am very rich. And sometimes I can be handsome. I guess I have everything a woman could ever ask for - in me."