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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A poem I wrote about 4 years ago.

"In you I see my other half,
You teased, tickled, and made me laugh,
I went against all odds and fought,
To be the princess that you sought.

I dreamt that there would be a day,
When you would stand in my way,
You'd grab and sweep me off my feet,
Our bodies unite our lips would meet.

I fought and tried to make you mine,
Set the mood, candlelights, and wine,
I waited and waited but in vain,
You treated me with disdain.

One day you knelt and held my hand,
Alas my dream came to an end,
How could I not feel a thing?
Why didn't my heart leap and sing?

In you I see my painful past,
That I am able to let go at last,
Silly and naive I had fought,
But you're not the prince I sought."