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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So for once I spent the evening reading - books and not cases, and I came across this:

 "when it comes to dating, knowing more about a person leads to less love - not more. The basic finding is that when we know very little about your potential romantic partners, our imagination fills in the gaps in overoptimistic ways (if he likes music, he must like the kind of music I like and not seventeenth-century Baroque) and then we meet them for coffee and our high hopes are crushed. Oddly, we also found that this disappointment shows up time after time, and that online dating enthusiasts don't seem to learn from their negative experiences and don't tame their overoptimistic expectations."

Anyway, I think what's wrong here is how the author equates/confuses love with infatuation.

Love isn't about imagination. It isn't about the unknown. Love is certain. It's unchanging. People change. Feelings change. But love. Perseveres. It weathers the rain and the hurricanes!

Thanks to books like these, people are the cause of their own downfall. 

Misleading and corrupting!