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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A completely unrelated photo, save for the fact that I am donning an AWAM Shirt

Feminism isn't about one gender emulating the other, or otherwise. It is about understanding that we are not defined by our gender. It is about deconstructing this "male" and "female" social construct. We can, and should be able to be whoever and whatever we aspire to be, without being accused of either conforming to or defying our gender. 

Gender, is a social construct. It is plagued with stereotypes. Gender tells you that men are rational and women are emotional. Gender tells you that men are egoistical and women are nurturing. But men can be emotional, and nurturing. And women can be rational and egoistical. They shouldn't be accused of emulating the other gender. They shouldn't be scorned at for not conforming to norms.

We have also our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and queer friends, who fall into neither or all of these categories. They too shouldn't be scorned at, simply because they are "different" and impossible to "categorize" (and sometimes to "comprehend").

If there's one thing that set the male apart from female, it's our biological differences. But even that is changing, with science and technology. 

Feminism is about recognizing that equality is possible only when we rid ourselves of stereotypes, and free ourselves from the chains of social construct and norms. 

And also facing the fact that today - the lines are blurred.